In August 2020, I had the chance to present a lightning talk at MLH Hackcon, an international conference for hackathon organizers. My inspiration to present was driven by having been an attendee the year before and since then having been an avidly engaged member of the hackathon community. Many of the lessons I learned from my experiences are encapsulated here in my talk entitled: Why Hacking shouldn’t end when Hackers become Organizers. I hope this serves to be a valuable resource for all event organizers.

A little background about myself. I currently serve as the Director of Development for the Association for Computing Machinery at the University of Texas at Dallas. Over the past few semesters I’ve worked with various teams to organize HackUTD, North Texas’s flagship hackathon with 700+ attendees, numerous workshops/technical events and most recently ACM Hacktoberfest, an open source festival where our meetup garnered 400+ attendees. During this time I’ve been able to curate my observations, find trends in our community and see how best to continue empowering students to achieve their goals. …


Harsha Srikara

Computer Science & Mathematics Major at the University of Texas at Dallas | Software Engineer at Brainspace | Tapia 2020 Scholar

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